Our Strategy

The investment strategy of Roquefort Therapeutics plc is to provide Shareholders with an attractive total return achieved primarily through capital appreciation. The Directors believe that there are numerous investment opportunities within both private and public businesses in the biotech sector in United Kingdom, Continental Europe & Australia.

In December 2021 Roquefort Therapeutics plc acquired the entire issued share capital of Lyramid Pty Ltd, an Australian company that has an exclusive global licence from Cellmid Limited, the holder of the largest patent portfolio covering composition of matter and methods patents around Midkine with nine patent families comprising 40 registered patents and one application at PCT stage, to exploit the intellectual property pertaining to these patents.

With funding now in place, Lyramid has now entered into the pre-clinical stage of antisense oligonucleotide drug development to block Midkine. Due to recent progress in oligonucleotide drug development (for example, mRNA used in Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines) there is an opportunity to progress the pre-clinical drug development stage faster and at a significantly lower cost than small molecule drugs or therapeutic antibodies.