Our Strategy

Roquefort Therapeutics (ROQ) is a cancer focused biotechnology company with a focused portfolio of innovative pre-clinical anti-cancer medicines. The ROQ portfolio reflects the Company’s strategy to:

  • focus on high value, high growth Oncology market and specifically within the market niche of the cancers that are resistant to existing medicines
  • develop innovative, patented medicines to target novel cancer targets or immunotherapies to enhance the body’s anti-cancer response
  • utilise our drug development expertise to complete pre-clinical development to reach valuation milestone for licensing transactions or sale of a clinical program

The Company is the leader in anticancer antibodies and RNA therapeutics against the novel Midkine cancer target1, and has developed a leadership position in Midkine intellectual property including 36 registered patents. Both antibody and RNA programs have shown compelling anti-cancer activity in pre-clinical studies, and are progressing to in vivo studies

Through the acquisition of Oncogeni Limited in September 2022, the portfolio was expanded with two highly complementary programs, STAT-6 siRNA and MK cell therapy. The STAT-6 siRNA targets the solid tumours (cancers) that express the novel cancer target STAT-62. MK cells kill leukaemia and myeloma cells directly and by activating some of the body’s most important anti-cancer cells, Natural Killer (NK) cells3. Both programs are in late pre-clinical development and have shown compelling anti-cancer activity in pre-clinical studies, which again aligns well with Roquefort’s portfolio strategy.  

The Company has an expert in-house team including Group Chief Scientific Officer, Nobel Laureate, Professor Sir Martin Evans and an extensive network of clinical experts including Professor Armand Keating, Chief Medical Advisor.

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2 Oncogene 2017 

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